glyXprep Post‑Labeling Clean‑Up Kit

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Sample preparation kit for fluorescent labeling of glycans.

SKUKIT-NGlyH Category

Our glyXprep Post‑Labeling Clean‑Up Kit provides all materials and solutions for effective and robust removal of excess dye, salts, and other sample contaminants remaining after glycan labeling.

This kit is a standalone variant of the post‑labeling clean‑up module of the glyXprep sample preparation workflow:

HILIC‑SPE Clean‑Up: Purification of labeled glycans by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography based solid phase extraction

For more details about the glyXprep sample preparation workflow, please visit our product information page.

The glyXbeads separation matrix comes in two variants, either for purifying large and branched glycans or for small oligosaccharides (tetramers or smaller).

All glyXprep kits are available in multiple size options – for 16, 48 or 96 samples. Discounts can be offered for bulk purchases.


16 Samples 48 Samples 96 Samples
Clean-Up Washing Solution I 30 mL 100 mL 200 mL
Washing Solution II 20 mL 70 mL 140 mL
glyXbeads Slurry 5 mL 15 mL 30 mL
Elution Solution 30 mL 100 mL 200 mL
HILIC‑SPE Filter Plate 1 pc 1 pc 2 pcs
Waste Plate 1 pc 1 pc 2 pcs
Deep Well Plate 1 pc 1 pc 2 pcs
Plate Sealing Tape 2 pc 2 pcs 4 pcs
The use of the kit requires a vacuum manifold system, which must be procured separately.