glyXprep Glycan Labeling Kit

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Sample preparation kit for fluorescent labeling of glycans.

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Our glyXprep Glycan Labeling Kit contains all necessary reagents for fast and efficient labeling of glycans, including free oligosaccharides (e.g. from human milk) or O- and N-glycans released from glycoproteins.

This kit is a standalone variant of the glycan labeling module of the glyXprep sample preparation workflow:

Glycan Labeling: Selective tagging of free glycans with fluorescent dye APTS

For more details about the glyXprep sample preparation workflow, please visit our product information page.

All glyXprep kits are available in multiple size options – for 16, 48 or 96 samples. Discounts can be offered for bulk purchases.


16 Samples 48 Samples 96 Samples
Labeling Ultrapure Water 200 µL 250 µL 500 µL
APTS Solution 40 µL 110 µL 220 µL
ReduX Solution 40 µL 110 µL 220 µL