glyXboxCE Glycoanalysis System

Price upon Request

High-performance glycoanalysis system including capillary electrophoresis instrument setup, sample preparation materials and SOPs, and data analysis software.


Our glyXboxCE glycoanalysis system is the quintessential all-in-one solution for high-performance glycan analysis.

glyXboxCE is built upon our patented technology platform based on multiplexed capillary gel electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection (xCGE‑LIF) – optimized for high sensitivity, high reproducibility and high throughput.

Our glyXboxCE system consists of three interconnected elements:

Instrument Setup: xCGE‑LIF instrument glyconeered to customer specifications to enable high-performance glycan analysis
Sample Preparation: Pre-packaged kits containing consumables and SOPs for straightforward and reproducible sample preparation
Data Analysis Software: User-friendly software solution for automated data processing, analysis and reporting

Included in the package are on-site installation and training services to get the experimental setup running from day one. Additional training can be provided upon request.

For technical assistance or to renew software licenses, please contact our technical support.

Product Contents

Instrument Instrument Type Multiplexed capillary gel electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection

  • Array Size
    4, 16, 48 or 96 capillaries
  • Capillary Length
    50 cm or 22 cm
Installation & Training On-site installation and training for up to 3 persons
Warranty & Support 24 months parts guarantee, 24-hour technical support
Consumables Standards

glyXcal spectral calibration standard

APTS-labeled N-glycan training samples (human IgG, human citrate plasma)

glyXalign GA2 migration time alignment standard (for 100 samples), additional standard available separately

Sample Preparation glyXprep sample preparation kit (for 16 samples), additional kits available separately
Software Software Version Latest glyXtoolCE version, including regular updates
Glycan Database Per customer specifications (N-linked glycans, lactose-based oligosaccharides, etc.)
License Options Single- or multi-year per-user licenses, renewed yearly, additional licenses available separately

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