glyXprep N-Glycan Release Kit

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Sample preparation kit for releasing N-glycans from glycoproteins.

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Our glyXprep N-Glycan Release Kit is specially designed to provide a fast, reliable, and reproducible way to release N‑glycans from glycoproteins.

This kit is a standalone variant of the N-glycan release module of the glyXprep sample preparation workflow:

N‑Glycan Release: In‑solution deglycosylation of purified glycoproteins or whole glycoprotein mixtures by PNGase F

For more details about the glyXprep sample preparation workflow, please visit our product information page.

All glyXprep kits are available in multiple size options – for 16, 48 or 96 samples. Discounts can be offered for bulk purchases.


16 Samples 48 Samples 96 Samples
Release Denaturation Solution I 50 µL 100 µL 200 µL
Neutralization Solution 100 µL 200 µL 400 µL
Denaturation Solution II 20 µL 55 µL 110 µL
PNGase F Solution 20 µL 55 µL 110 µL
For optimal results, we recommend using 5‑100 µg of pure glyco­proteins or 1‑6 µL of glyco­protein mixtures.