We are pleased to announce that the range of products for sale in our shop has grown. With the addition of brand-new capillary arrays for the 3100 and 3130 series of Genetic Analyzer instruments from Applied Biosystems, we are better able to serve our customers’ growing demand for reliable, high-quality glycan analysis platforms, such as our high-performance glyXboxCE systems.

As the sale of capillary arrays, polymers, and other consumables has been discontinued by the original manufacturer through the end of 2022, laboratories the world over are faced with the prospect of not being able to further operate their 3100/3130 Series Genetic Analyzer instruments. These devices have, over the years, proven to be highly versatile, reliable, as well as cost-effective platforms for high-resolution and high-throughput capillary electrophoretic applications, and they therefore form the backbone of our glyXboxCE glycan analysis technology.

It is for this reason, that we are tapping into our own stocks of brand-new, never-used capillary arrays and making them available for sale to further extend the lifespan of this invaluable technology platform. At the same time, we are actively looking to develop long-term solutions in cooperation with international partners, to provide alternative sourcing for top-quality capillary arrays compatible with the 3100/3130 Genetic Analyzer instruments – stay tuned for more news about this in the coming future.