glyXera is proud to announce the successful publication of a manuscript entitled “Removable Dyes—The Missing Link for In-Depth N-glycan Analysis via Multi-Method approaches“. This article has been published in Engineering as part of the Special Issue on Glycomedicine.

Glycoscience discoveries reveal that glycan structural information should not be ignored or oversimplified. However, studying glycosylation often requires expensive and complex technologies, leaving the glycan language understandable to a narrow group of experts only and thereby greatly impeding the full development of glycomics. We found a missing link—a removable fluorescent label—that enabled us to combine cost-effective, widespread, and easy-to-handle analytical tools. Moreover, the study shows that even high-throughput methods like xCGE-LIF and MALDI-TOF-MS, when combined via removable labeling, can enable unprecedentedly deep glycan characterization.

Using the removable dye-based integrative workflow, a full picture of some difficult-to-characterize but biomedically important glycoproteins, including some novel N-glycan structures, was obtained. For example, this new approach uncovered glycans with challenging structures (hybrid- and multiply-sialylated complex-type N-glycans) and modifications (O-acetylation and sulfation), potentially providing useful new targets for biomarker discovery.

The article is published open access and can be read in full on the publication web page:

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