Monofucosyllacto-N-hexaose I


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Neutral heptasaccharide present in human milk, labeled with fluorescent dye.

Monofucosyllacto-N-hexaose I is a fucosylated, non-sialylated Galβ1-3GlcNAc core (type 1 core) human milk oligosaccharide. The reducing terminus of the product is derivatized with fluorescent dye.

For research and development purposes only; not for use in diagnostic procedures or for human/animal consumption.

Monoisotopic Mass 1218.4385
Formulation dry solid
Shipping Conditions shipped at ambient temperature
Storage Conditions store at -20°C in the dark
Stability/Expiration stable for 6 months after reconstitution, storable for 5 years in dry state

The product is intended for use as a standard in qualitative and semi­quantitative analytical procedures, including:

  • as identification and migration time standard in capillary (gel) electro­phoresis applications
  • as identification and retention time standard in liquid chromatography applications

Symbol Legend

  • Glucose
  • Galactose
  • N-Acetyl­glucosamine
  • Fucose

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