glyXalign GA2 Sample Alignment Standard

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Migration time alignment standard for xCGE-LIF analysis consisting of fluorescently labeled oligosaccharides.

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Our glyXalign 2 (GA2) sample alignment standard consists of four APTS-labeled oligosaccharides, which are spiked into samples as a bracketing standard.

GA2 is designed for use with high-performance glycoanalysis systems to align migration times in capillary (gel) electrophoresis or retention times in liquid chromatography.

Migration/retention times generated like this are highly reproducible and enable reliable glycan structure identification via database matching.

glyXalign GA2 replaces the product “2nd Norm MiX” and can be used in xCGE-LIF applications in place of it without issues.

For research and development purposes only; not for use in diagnostic procedures or for human/animal consumption.

Formulation dry solid
Quantity for up to 100 xCGE-LIF or 20 HPLC measurements
Shipping Conditions shipped at ambient temperature
Storage Conditions store at -20°C in the dark
Stability/Expiration stable for 6 months after reconstitution, storable for 5 years in dry state

The composition and purity of the product was assessed via xCGE‑LIF using glyXera’s proprietary high-performance glyXboxCE glycoanalysis system.

Peak Name Area [%] Peak Name Area [%]
1 GA2 I 22.1 3 GA2 III 34.4
2 GA2 II 28.0 4 GA2 IV 15.5
For technical assistance regarding glyXalign GA2, please contact our technical support.

Example 1:xCGE-LIF based N-glycan analysis of human citrate plasma N-glycome.
Peak Name
1 GA2 I
2 GA2 II
4 A4G4S4(6,6,6,6)
5 A3G3S3(3,6,6)
6 A2G2S2(6,6)
7 A3F1G3S3(3,6,6)
8 A2G2S2(3,6)
9 FA2G2S2(6,6)
10 FA2BG2S2(6,6)
Peak Name
11 FA2G2S2(3,3)
12 A2G2S1(6)
13 FA2G2S1(6)
14 FA2BG2S1(6)
15 FA2G0
16 FA2G1[6]
17 FA2G1[3]
18 FA2BG1[6]
19 FA2G2
20 GA2 IV

Example 2:xCGE-LIF based N-glycan analysis of human asialo citrate plasma N-glycome.
Peak Name
1 GA2 I
2 GA2 II
4 Man5
5 FA2G0
6 FA2B0
7 FA2G1[6]
8 FA2G1[3]
9 A2G2
10 FA2G2
Peak Name
11 FA2BG2
12 A3[6]G3
13 A3[4]G3
14 A3[4]F1G3
15 FA3[4]G3
16 A4G4
17 GA2 IV

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