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Data Analysis Software

Our glyXtoolCE data analysis tool is a fully-featured cross-platform software solution to effortlessly manage, process, inspect and generate reports for capillary electrophoresis (CE) data.

glyXtoolCE is designed as the data processing and data analysis workflow module of our proprietary high-performance glyXboxCE glycan analysis system.

Manage Projects

glyXtoolCE features an intuitive project management system that supports individual users maintaining their own personal project workspaces.


Easily create, load, or switch between projects in a matter of a few clicks. Categorize and catalogue your projects using tags, filters, and more.


Transfer existing projects between different users using the convenient import function.

Process Samples

With glyXtoolCE, analyzing samples has never been more intuitive. Simply load your data files and glyXtoolCE automatically batch-processes them in a matter of seconds.

Flexible Processing

glyXtoolCE uses modular processing templates containing individually configurable processing steps, such as baseline correction, peak picking, and glycan database lookup.

Easy Troubleshooting

Easily edit processing templates using the built-in Template Editor to effortlessly fix processing errors for individual samples or to refine processing for whole sets of samples.

Inspect Results

Review and compare processed samples in interactive data plots and configurable table views to explore your results down to the last detail.

Straightforward Comparison

Simply select multiple samples to create informative overlay plots and peak tables. Individual sample peak lists are automatically consolidated to facilitate identifying similarities and differences between sets of samples.

Many Export Formats

Export tables and images to various formats, such as PNG, HTML, or XLSX, or transfer them directly to other applications via copy and paste.

Create Reports

Effortlessly condense your projects into detailed reports complete with sample plots, peak tables, processing summaries, and more.

Highly Customizable

Easily adjust report contents to your needs using a variety of customization options.

Many Output Formats

Reports can be exported to various common formats, such as PDF, HTML or XLSX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our glyXtoolCE software has been designed with performance and usability in mind and therefore has only modest system requirements and can run on any reasonably modern office computer. The minimal specifications are summarized in the table below.

Hardware Processor (CPU) Intel Core i3 or equivalent
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Hard Drive 1 GB of free space
Miscellaneous USB interface for license dongle

Network adapter for network license(s)

Software Operating System
  • Windows
    Windows 7 and up
  • Linux
    Any 64-bit distribution from 2014 onwards
System Components Java Runtime Environment 8 (64‑bit)

CodeMeter User Runtime (64‑bit)

As a Java-based application glyXtoolCE is able to run on a variety of operating systems, but please note that we only provide technical support for Windows environments.

Yes. A Java installation as well as a CodeMeter license management application are required.

As glyXtoolCE is written in the Java programming language, a Java installation is required on computers that want to run Java-based programs. There are many companies that provide Java distributions, including Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, among others. We recommend using the Java installers provided by Eclipse’s Adoptium, which are completely free and feature a permissive open-source license.

Note that because glyXtoolCE is built on Java 8, please make sure to install and run a Java 8 version.

Furthermore, glyXtoolCE uses the CodeMeter technology platform for license management. To properly run glyXtoolCE and to provide and update licenses, a CodeMeter User Runtime application needs to be installed. CodeMeter runtimes are regularly updated and can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website free of charge.

We offer single-user licenses or networked licenses for academic and commercial applications. Please feel free to get in touch with us for further details about pricing and usage terms and conditions.

Licenses are time-limited and need to be renewed on a yearly basis. All licensing management functions, including provision and updating of licenses, are facilitated by the CodeMeter licensing application which needs to be installed alongside glyXtoolCE.

Single-user license

Purchased software licenses come stored on a physical USB dongle. The license dongle is directly connected to the machine running glyXtoolCE.

Networked license

A license dongle carrying one or more licenses is connected to a central computer from which the licenses are distributed to other machines in a local network.

The glyXtoolCE software was designed as the data processing module of our glyXboxCE glycan analysis workflow. As part of the workflow, an internal migration time alignment standard is added to samples before measurement on a glyconeered xCGE-LIF system.

Data processing in glyXtoolCE utilizes the positions of alignment standard peaks to normalize the migration time axis of sample measurements, ensuring reproducible and comparable results as well as accurate glycan structure identifications using glyXtoolCE’s internal glycan database.

Yes. The glyXtoolCE data analysis workflow utilizes an internal glycan database to generate glycan structure assignments for sample peaks. The contents of the database can be tailored to customer specifications to satisfy specific project requirements and applications.

The complete database features more than 400 different entries from which specialized subsets can be derived, such as glycans specific to certain proteins (e.g. mAbs) or based on expression system (human, CHO, etc.). Please feel free to get in touch with our experts to determine the ideal glycan database for your specific application.

Yes. Data processing settings are provided in the form of modular Processing Templates which define a series of consecutive processing steps performing specific tasks such as baseline correction and peak picking. The parameters for these processing steps can be freely edited, for instance to fix processing errors for individual samples or to customize data processing for whole projects. Furthermore, customized Processing Templates can be shared between different projects and users.

glyXtoolCE comes with a set of pre-defined Processing Templates that cover a variety of use cases, including different sample types and migration time alignment standards. If you have specific data processing requirements, feel free to get in touch with our application specialists and they can create specialized Processing Templates for your specific application.

Want to Boost your Glycan Data Analysis?

If you are interested in licensing glyXtoolCE, please visit our shop page and request a quote. Also feel free to have a look at our other products in the glyXbox product family.

If you have further questions, for instance about specific licensing models tailored to your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you with all your inquiries.