Das Projekt “Analyse komplexer Zuckerstrukturen in funktionalen Lebensmitteln” wird im Rahmen des Programms INNOVATIONSASSISTENT durch das Land Sachsen-Anhalt und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

glyXera started the development of new applications of the patented high-performance glycoanalysis system glyXbox™. The project is supported by the European Social Fond (ESF).

glyXera GmbH received an ESF-grant for the diversification of the applicative field of glyXbox. The patented high-performance glycoanalysis system will be further developed to enable also the investigation of complex sugars in functional food (e.g. for infant, elderly and medical nutrition) – to assist and improve research and development also in this important field. The grant supports an innovation assistant in the method development department of glyXera GmbH for two years (11/16 – 10/18).